Friday, February 27, 2009

Oscar inspired cakes

For your cake design, choose an element from your inspiration board, whether it's your color combination, your motif, or the flowers from your bouquets. Wedding cake icings are generally butter cream or fondant. Butter cream does taste better, but may melt under some circumstances, as in an outdoor warm weather wedding. Fondant is easily shaped and trimmed and very neat looking as in the cake above.
For your details, bakers today can form just about anything from gum paste (an edible pliable sugar dough) and add those designs to your cake to dress it up.
You can always use real flowers too, which may end up more economical, since the art of making gum paste flowers is time consuming.
The best part of choosing your cake though is the tasting! There are so many different flavors available, so find your favorite and enjoy!

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