Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've been tagged

Thanks to Pink Martini for this award!
She's a fellow 50something, semi empty nester, I have a lot in common with, who has a fun, inspirational blog.
Along with the award goes a "tag" of 7 things you love, and a "pass it on" to 7 blogs you love. So here are the 7 loves of my life:
my blessings...
1. my husband of 30 years and my 3 wonderful daughters
2. health (and continued health)
3. my friends... BFF's, Gal Pals and tennis teammates
4. my fabulous extended family (so fun they've been adopted)
5. golf and tennis and beautiful weather days to spend doing it
6. Kiawah and Hilton Head Island family vacations
7. Lake Oconee weekends

Now to pass on the Kreativ Blogger Award... but not to 7, only one! A fairly new blogger who reviews and posts on baby products and her cute baby girl.
And the award goes... (hear the drum roll)... to:
Monkeys on the bed
give her a visit!


  1. aww thanks! I'll blog about you right now :)

  2. it's really about you! and you deserve it!