Tuesday, March 17, 2009

you'll be green with envy... I have a winner!

Top o' the morning to ya and thank you to everyone who visited my blog and "got the word out" about my first giveaway.
It's time to choose the winner of the monogrammed note cards...
Sorry, no Random.org for me! You may not know, but I am Scrabble obsessed. My husband and I have a running game on the kitchen table, when one game ends we start another. I've thought about a nice centerpiece, but then where would we play? So Scrabble centerpiece it is! Anyway, I digress... back to business.
To pick the winner, I assigned you each a letter from the Scrabble bag. (this worked because I only had 20 entries). For "followers only" I put in 1 letter for you, if you added my button and blogged about the contest you got 2 more, so some of you had a total of 3 letters with better odds!
I know, you probably all want to know what letter you were but I can't go there.
So, with the assigned letters back in the bag, I closed my eyes and picked... D
assigned to... Snooty Primadona!
Congratulations Snooty, you are one lucky girl (are you Irish?)! You'll have to let me know which two card styles you would like and what monogram or name you'd like printed on them. I will need your address, but you can email that to me.
Thanks again to all that entered and posted my button!
Stay tuned for my next giveaway. I'm thinking of...


  1. I am in shock! Good thing I came over to have a peep. I thought I was too late! I apologize to just now be getting here. Golf has been getting in the way of everything lately. Now, how do I email you? I can't believe I won something because I never win anything! I didn't get the Irish luck until now. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket... Thank You! Thank You!

  2. Congrats!email me at sjn9345@gmail.com with your choice of cards and letters for monogram.
    see the choices at (copy and paste)
    email me your address and I'll place the order and have them sent directly to you.
    I actually picked twice and your letter D came up both times! It really was your lucky day!