Sunday, August 2, 2009

not for the ordinary bride

Are you up for something out of the ordinary? Are you crafty and whimsical?
What do you think of a fun and funky alternative to fresh flowers for your bridal bouquet?
Check out the Esty site of Princess Lasertron, where you can order your own button and felt bouquet in your custom wedding colors... or buy a pre-put-together kit and create it yourself!

classic white for the classic bride

blue & white with matching boutonniere

yellow & white with a dash of pink

and the most whimsical by far... a black & white & pink bouquet!

Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron describes her art... "One of the really unique things about Princess Lasertron is that I use vintage materials and new techniques to create bouquets and accessories that will last for generations. Every bouquet features mostly vintage buttons and other antique findings like ribbon, seam binding, thread, and felt. (But nothing dull or dingy!!) The buttons and findings I use come from many special sources all over the country--my mom helps me a lot with that! I think brides choose my flowers over fresh flowers because they will last for generations, they are ALWAYS completely custom and unique to every bride, and they are unconventional but not "weird" or hard to understand and accept. I have a 100% satisfaction rating and I work closely with each bride through email, sending photos, and communicating about the vision each bride has to make it a truly collaborative project."

so... contact Megan about what you have in mind for your custom bouquet or ask her to put together a kit and try it yourself.

A beautiful, whimsical and fun keepsake of your big day to last forever!


  1. Those are definitely outside the box, but I can so picture them as a perfect "flower" for a very modern, creative wedding. A girl I used to teach with did a polka-dot wedding - might have been cute with hers actually! xoxo

  2. thank you so much for this awesome writeup!

  3. I think these are the cutest things EVER!!! I LOVE them!!