Monday, April 13, 2009

A work of art... Bridal Portraits

You will look your best on your wedding day, primped and perfect, with a natural happy glow. It's the perfect day to capture your beautiful image in a portrait. My favorites are when the photographer takes the shot with an interesting background, making the portrait not just a wedding photo, but more of a work of art.
I love the alternating shapes of the marble floor and wall tiles here,
as they add visual interest
and enhance the style of the gown

the casual way the bride is leaning into the post shows off the antique doors behind, but her smile holds your attention

the forefront flowers, grass and trees frame this bride to appear as
naturally beautiful as the landscape

the geometry of the background bricks and the
simple positioning of the gown add interest
to this portrait

all artistic images above courtesy of Travis Bell Photography

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